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Thank-you for visiting Elisa Maree Jewelry!

From a very young age I was drawn to Fashion and Jewelry and all things sparkly and beautiful. I had the fortune of growing up traveling the world with my family and visiting some of the far reaches of the globe. From Israel, Jordan and Egypt to Greece, Australia and Mexico; my favorite part of living abroad was rooting through the extravagant markets and bazaars and finding the hidden gems amongst the abundance of goods and treasuring my finds. They were so beautiful, extravagant, exotic and the Jewelery!…Oh! The beautiful treasure I would find! Seeing the beautiful culture represented through the markets and the hard-working people who created these beautiful objects and the passion that went into creating them and the open pride they have in their work. This love of the “Hunt”  for beautiful pieces was what lead me to a career in the fashion industry.

I have been a fashion buyer (Almost 17 years now!)  for some of Calgary’s largest and prestigious local businesses and I have been blessed with the knowledge and education that these businesses have provided me. I inherited my passion of metals, stones and minerals from my kind Dad who is a geophysicist and my love of fashion and jewelry comes from my beautiful Mom. My amazing children are the ones to inspire me to go out and create something on my own and my patient husband has always stood behind me giving me those gentle nudges when I was about to step backwards. 

My favorite pass time is to design, create, search and source out those special items that are unique and special, to add that perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe.  I hope you love each of these pieces as much as I do.


Love and Kindness,